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The Process with CINCH Cycling

Apr 9, 2019

On this week's episode of the podcast, we bring the heat with our special guest editor of Pro Tour Cycling an and CINCH athlete Zack Morris.
This explosive episode is jam-packed full of golden nuggets of knowledge every cyclist will find helpful and one you won't want to miss!
We start with a recap of legendary Boulder Roubaix with an in-depth discussion on the race-winning approach our athletes took going into the race that yielded a total of 9 podiums.
We quickly transition into the nitty-gritty of CINCH Process as Zack grills Tom interview style on why Tom made it his life's mission to teach regular people to ride like a World Tour Cyclist. And why he believes everyone can become a black belt in the sport of cycling -- using the 10 Powertrain Zones as a tool to take control of their growth and performance as cyclists.
Kourtney pulls back the curtain of Three Sigma Nutrition System that hundreds of athletes have used to match their workouts with the energy systems used in the workouts. In addition, to the Three Sigmas -- purpose, composition, and timing  which allow athletes to reach their optimal performance to weight ratio naturally. 
We then answer a few questions from our Livestream views on Pro Tour Cycling's Instagram.
Tom lays out the pros and cons of training altitude training and how to do it the right way for maximum benefit.
A viewer asks for more insight into the Three Sigma System, and Kourtney offers her #1 tip to improving your cycling nutrition.
We also answer why we believe training with FTP is the most elementary form of training. Tom offers his insight into intially believing the hype around FTP and the transformation he experienced from switching to a more innovative way of viewing cycling training.
Let us know what you think in the ratings or on Instagram and we hope you enjoy! :)
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