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The Process with CINCH Cycling

Nov 7, 2022

Training through the winter presents cyclists with many challenges. And let's face it, often it just plain sucks. On this week's episode of The Process Podcast, Tom and Kourtney discuss strategies to not only make the winter time suck a bit less but also how to optimize your training program and gain a leg up on your competition. 

We discuss strategies to stay motivated throughout the holidays by framing these months as the "months of hope" by laying out specific goals and working on your weaknesses. We also cover how to successfully plan your Cold Weather rides, what distinct power zones you should include in your training plan, and strategies to maximize indoor training and make it more enjoyable. 


Lastly, we discuss off-the-bike strategies to maximize this Winter season. One is our Pro-Team's favorite supplement, With-N by RenovoVita. With-N is the ultimate NAD+ cellular health supplement, uniquely formulated with 5 of the latest science-backed super nutrients to restore, rejuvenate, and energize the body from the inside out. We conclude the podcast with a fascinating interview with RenonoVita’s Founders, Brent Payne and Linda Baer.